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Legendage Malaysia

Legend Age Malaysia

The lip balm that makes you toss away your other lipsticks.

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How is Legend Age different from other lipsticks/lip balms?

Natural ingredients

Unlike traditional lipstick and lip balms, Legend Age does not contain artificial and harmful chemicals such as paraffin or lead. The yellow paste is made from natural ingredients that keeps your lips healthy and attractive at the same time. The main ingredients are beeswax, west indian cherry essence, vitamin e oil and titanium dioxide.

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Edible Paste

Women eat between 4 to 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. These chemicals ingested can potentially harm our health and unborn. Legend Age, on the other hand, has been tested to be safe for consumption due to its healthy natural ingredients, Legend Age is suitable for children and pregnant women. Note that there is absolutely no animal cruelty involved when the lip balm is made as well.

Extremely Moisturizing

This all-natural lip balm paste will be a savior for all sorts of cracked, dry, dark or chapped lips. The beeswax paste creates a barrier which helps to seal moisture, improves hydration and promotes cell regeneration in the skin. The cherry extracts contains rich iron and vitamin C that can be easily absorbed into the skin, enhancing a healthy pinkish red color to your lips.

How to apply?

1. Twist out at most 1cm of the yellow paste

Because no artificial chemicals are used to harden the lip balm, the paste is as soft as its beeswax components. Do not twist the paste out more than 1cm as it may break the paste when force is applied. 

2. Apply 2-4 layers on your lips

The first layer applied hydrates your lips. The subsequent layers will ensure the cherry essence is absorbed so your lips will appear pinkish red. Apply more layers if you want your lips to be more red.

3. Wait for 2 mins to take effect

It takes about 2 mins for the color to set in. The color will appear different based on each individual's skin PH level. A darker red indicates one’s body is acidic whereas pink indicates one’s body is alkaline.

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